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All our projects & accompanying result in tangible margin gain of min+3% without loss of volume.

4 Major Pillars

TheConsultants Management Expertise


We specialize in:

Pricing Strategy

Sales Excellence 

Commercial Due Dilligence

What is pricing?

Pricing is the science and art of assigning the right price to the right product and services to the right client in the right context.

And it should reflect the strategy of the company.

Pricing answers a need for all companies, particularly the ones that have competitive environments and value-added products or services. As a consequence, we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative approach to do so. It is the single most powerful lever to improve a company’s profit.

TheConsultants Management Expertise - Pricing

What is commercial excellence?

We take and deliver commercial excellence as a set of customer centric strategies, tactics, tools, frame and processes. It aims at optimizing the services, products and means of delivering value  to your customers. Based on our management expertise, our methods help and support the expansion of the top line and, also, the bottom line.

But pricing and commercial excellence positive impact goes way beyond sales, marketing and finance.

TheConsultants Management Expertise - Commercial excellence


What is Lean Six Sigma?


Lean Six Sigma is a well known management tool, a combination of two famous continuous improvement methods – Six Sigma and Lean. It is the foundation to obtain the much desired operational excellence. The Lead Six Sigma methodology proved its reliability in time and offers a clear path to achieve the company’s mission in the most efficient conditions.

Our management expertise includes Lean Six-Sigma processes with lead time reduction, resources optimization, value-based research and development, plus pricing governance.

Management Expertise Lean Operations Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation

Our company collaborates with top tier software companies and, likewise, with large companies when they need us to take the leading expert role in pricing and commercial excellence on various projects. We pride to have partnered with universities and business schools like the IIM Ahmedabad.

Our experts would be delighted to show you which areas of your business can be enhanced and positively impacted.

TheConsultants team of experts serves clients in industries like: automotive, chemicals, services, logistics, finance, PE, manufacturing, luxury. In terms of enterprise size, some of our clients are large multinational conglomerates, others are very small companies with 5 people or start-ups. Our clients can count on our highest discretion whenever it is required. 


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