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Our Mission

We enhance your business performance and unlock the full potential of your products and services. With a diverse skill set, we empower clients to add more value to what they offer.

This positively impacts overall company value. As pricing consultants, we engage in both short and long-term projects.


years of experience, advanced degrees, and supported by a dedicated team of experts.


Our services are available in
English, French & Dutch

We specialize in:

Pricing Strategy

Sales Excellence

Commercial Due Dilligence

Pricing Strategy

Pricing is the science and art of assigning the right price to the right product and services to the right client in the right context. It should reflect the strategy of the company.

Pricing answers a need for all companies, particularly the ones that have competitive environments and value-added products or services. As a consequence, we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative approach to do so. It is the single most powerful lever to improve a company’s profit.

Commercial Excellence

We take and deliver commercial excellence as a set of customer centric strategies, tactics, tools, frame and processes. It aims at optimizing the services, products and means of delivering value to your customers. Based on our management expertise, our methods help and support the expansion of the top line and, also, the bottom line.

But pricing and commercial excellence positive impact goes way beyond sales, marketing and finance.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a well known management tool, a combination of two famous continuous improvement methods – Six Sigma and Lean. It is the foundation to obtain the much desired operational excellence. The Lead Six Sigma methodology proved its reliability in time and offers a clear path to achieve the company’s mission in the most efficient conditions.

Our management expertise includes Lean Six-Sigma processes with lead time reduction, resources optimization, value-based research and development, plus pricing governance.

Meet The Team

We are a passionate team of pricing consultants, an advice and in-house expertise company.

Founder & CEO
Over 15 years of experience in Pricing Strategy, Commercial Excellence, Lean Six-Sigma and Operations in industries like Automotive, Logistics, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Finance and Consulting. Master in Economy, Grenoble university, Cambridge Judge Business school & IIM Ahmedabad executive education.

Pricing analyst, process, procurement & costing
Experience with boutique consulting, corporates & scale ups. Master in Business from University of Antwerp. Trilingual Dutch native speaker french, english

Project Coordination


Project coordination .

University of Antwerp

Dutch, English, French

Sr Pricing consultant
More than 15 years of experience in Pricing Management and Pricing Software implementation in areas like Services, Aftermarket & General Manufacturing industries. Master in economy from ULB.

Operations & analysis
Operationnal excellence, Implementation & change management.

Master in Engineering

Commercial Excellence
Commercial excellence strategy & operations. Organization & Research. Master Degree.

English, French

Data Analytics
Data analytics, data sciences and database. Machine Learning, AI models.

Master in Statistics English

Commercial Excellence
Commercial excellence strategy & operations. Organization & Research. Master Degree.

English, French, Dutch

Full stack dev

Master in IT


Innovation & Growth strategy. Spin Off models

Master in Marketing


We collaborate with top-tier software and large companies, taking the lead in pricing and commercial excellence projects. We’re proud to partner with esteemed institutions like IIM Ahmedabad.

Our Consultants successfully serve multiple industries:
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Services
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Manufacturing
  • Luxury


Our client base spans from large multinational conglomerates to small companies, all assured of our highest quality standards and confidentiality.


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