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Commercial Excellence Is Easy to Reach

Is conceiving and delivering tailored commercial best practices that maximize revenue, including programs to consistently improve salesforce effectiveness, product mix, distribution management, customer selection and focus, important for your company?  Are you struggling with defining, aligning and optimizing all these?

TheConsultants can support you as interim managers or as consultants.

We design and deliver commercial excellence as a set of customer centric strategies, tactics, tools, processes and frame that aim at optimizing the services, products and the ways of delivering them to your customers. It helps growing the top line and also the bottom line of products.

The way your company approaches, manages, segments and delivers to its customer will impact heavily on your company’s results. Matching and/or exceeding customers’ expectations whilst making a good return is a challenge. At TheConsultants, we envision commercial excellence as a combination of industry best practices and structures that aim at improving your approach and delivery to clients and distributors.

Marketing department and sales department have different but linked activities. Still, it happens in many cases that the necessary sync between these two entities is not present. Trust is crucial and so is establishing common ground and understanding between sales and marketing. We design or improve existing governance to enable effective collaboration.


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Some of the must haves that we can provide:

Commercial Excellence via KPI’s

A fact-based tracking of performance helps to allocate commercial improvement efforts. What should be set as a goal? What is considered a good performance? We can help you answer these questions?

We help you set quantitative assessments for your sales forces, customers and distributors.



Value Selling

The commodity trap is a difficult one to escape. Once some of your products and services are perceived as commodities you lose most of your leverage in any kind of negotiation and positioning. In such situation, the customers and competitors can dictate the conditions, service level and selling prices. Value selling is a great mean to avoid falling and escaping the commodity trap.



Governance and Organization

Decision making and the corresponding responsibilities are crucial to success. We help you set the structure to have the right people involved on the actions, overview and effective communication.



Commercial Excellence via Lean & Six Sigma

We are Lean & Six sigma ready. As a consequence we are using these fundamental principles to enhance your company’s commercial performance.



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Structured and content rich workshops can help lift the level very quickly. It enables to spread knowledge and understanding of concepts in a centralized and effective manner. We drive the workshops on-site or off-site based on the goal, audience and existing opportunities. All workshops are tailor-made with proven techniques and a pinch of innovation.


Sales Reviews

We encourage to implement sales reviews as a re-occurring ritual. Specific areas are prepared in advance by the participants. Numerous topics can be tackled within a short timeframe. Both field sales forces and management can be up to date about milestones status, potential roadblocks, action items or areas of focus.

Some typical challenges that have been successfully solved in previous projects include the reduction of the sales cycle time and presence expansion in some key geographic areas. As a direct link to the most important and urgent needs of your organization, we identify, plan, allocate efforts, set action in motion and track the performance, for improving customer retention rate (for example).


What stands between the present moment and the commercial excellence is just the very first step.

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