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Business Transformation Can Be a Breeze

TheConsultants provides Business Transformation Services – Six Sigma, Lean Black Belt Consulting and interim management. We apply these methods to project management, change management, performance improvement, process design and improvement.

Besides these classic applications of Lean and Six Sigmas, there is pricing, commercial excellence and growth. Surprisingly, even within innovation and R&D high speed development sectors, these methods work well.

Six Sigma (6Sigma) is a method composed of different techniques that aim to improve processes, performance, results, quality, etc.

Besides improving the results, it has a meaningful impact on the organisation itself as it imposes the training of a set of individuals and their active implication in the implementation of six sigmas.

Lean is a method, set of techniques that aims to identify and remove any non-value added activities.


Project management


All business activities require project management.

Project management is by nature a temporary set of activities aiming to deliver a defined result with limited resources.

This is a very clear start to get things done! We can take-on the lead or co-lead, as project manager or project leader (senior project team member) for your company during the full length of the project or a limited period (ad interim or consultant resources).

Whether your need is originated from an urgent start, replacement or from skill gap that we can fill with our black belt lean and six sigma. We help you balance the competing demands in terms of quality, cost and time.

TheConsultants provides support for defining SMART objectives. Is our core competence to design and run workshops and trainings, to build relationships with the project sponsors and help facilitate. As project manager we identify the necessary resources, coordinate activities, manage the budget, mediate conflicts. As project leader or senior project team member, we coach and work in collaboration with your existing teams.

We ensure a timely, on budget, communicative and risk managed delivery. Should the project charter be written, we can also produce that deliverable. Whether your project needs are technical, organizational, development, our services cover them.


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Project planning

As a very specific area of a project, the planning requires specific skills that our black belt lean and six sigma methods enable us to deliver.The most re-occurring reasons for project failures are no planning, lack of training, bias in assumptions, no track of budgets.

The right balance between difficulty, timing/speed, innovation and technology is crucial. We use regularly in addition to lean and six sigma techniques, work breakdown structure (WBS), critical path and more.

Should we interfere in the middle of your project in emergency, we can provide consulting for project crashing. This aims to reduce drastically the project duration, but it has advantages and disadvantages. In general, we help our clients re-assess and explore the available options. Most often, our interventions generate options.


Change Management

In our today’s fast pace economy, social and business environment, the change is omnipresent. And the only constant. Companies, teams and individuals often need to become change-ready.

Our role, at TheConsultants is to help our clients as companies and individuals evolve trough the change phases. We intervene as  interim managers for change management. Naturally six sigma and lean techniques are widely used within our change intervention.

Typically, we identify and convey the needed changes. Amongst the changes, we have encountered cultural change, process change strategic change, structure change, etc. We are used to overcome the resistance, help your teams and departments to become change-ready.

Team spirit, involvement and participation cures many resisters. Besides this element, TheConsultants belives that providing a negativity-free space within the project is important. At first, there are the fears and negative perceptions that need to be addressed and clarified.

Creating buy-in around the purpose, whether it is value based or organizational, is amongst our first steps. We do the change implementation, first as a planning phase, than we build-up environment.

What stands between the present moment and maximum efficiency is just the very first step.

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