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Do you notice that some of your competitors get away with higher prices than yours?


Did your board set ambitious budget targets and you need to make the numbers?


Are your customers willing to pay more?


How do you avoid cross boarder selling?


TheConsultants can sustain you in your endeavours to overcome these challenges and many more…


Pricing is an art, a science and a valuable capability.

We help companies in identifying and setting the right prices. The price that reflects best what customers and buyers are willing to pay for their products and service. The right prices enable the balance between profit and volume.

Naturally pricing is one of the core pillars of a company – as a focal point between several dimensions such as marketing, sales, finance and operations.It is the most powerful lever to increase EBITDA, profit or net margin.Far more effective and efficient than cost cutting projects that require in majority large upfront investments and often come across with a large load of internal and external negative reactions.

The profitability is one the main pillars of your business. It is also the foundation that ensures its long-term viability, but also the short-term results and medium-term attractiveness.

We offer tailor made design and implementation solutions adapted to your business needs and current goals. Whether you need help and support to realize or reach your budget targets or to unlock the value of your products and services.

TheConsultants Management Expertise - Pricing

Our Pricing Consultancy enables your company to capture a convenient ROI

Most projects including strategy, marketing, sales projects come with a hard time to estimate, let alone quantify precisely the return on investment. Pricing projects on the other hand come with rather precise estimates.

Pricing Maturity Diagnosis (PMD)

Pricing Maturity Diagnosis consists of a thorough evaluation of the company’s current pricing capabilities and eventual improvement opportunities in the pricing area.A combination of quantitative and qualitative criteria is being used to ensure that all dimensions are considered. A timeline is set with a description of the milestones.

TheConsultants brings you the means and support to achieve these milestones. All areas related to pricing are reviewed and assessed, from pricing analysis to control, data, management until steering.

Your pricing strategy, tactics and operational aspects are reviewed as well.We consider the specifics of your industry, company’s structure, competitors, suppliers, regulations, etc. The PMD comes with a road map filled with calls for actions. We can conduct the actions on your behalf within your company via our pricing interim management service or advise you through the process of moving the ladder of pricing maturity.

What is your company pricing power?

This is an important question. Yet most companies would have a hard time answering it. TheConsultants dispose of the necessary expertise to help you evaluate with accuracy what is your pricing power, both on the quantitative and qualitative manner.

The pricing power is the manifestation of a company’s ability to sell its products and services at a higher price than its competitors whilst increasing its sales volume and without losing its customers. TheConsultants is highly skilled to offer support in increasing your pricing power which results in immediate profits and sales.

Pricing and finance higher profit and EBITDA

Most of our past projects resulted into a minimum improvement of +3% of net margin, EBITDA or profit.

Whether your current prices are driven by value, competition or customers, we can provide solutions and concrete implementation. These gains of +3% in profit come without losses of market shares. More effective and efficient than cost cutting approaches. Our profit and sales increase projects bring results faster (within three months from implementation) and are perceived in a positive way inside and outside the company.

We conduct product segmentation, service segmentation and customer segmentation. And enable more precision in your actions and strategy execution.

Within the frame of all things related to prices and general management, TheConsultants can provide a precise overview.

Amongst the numerous and effective pricing strategies that we can advise you on, value based pricing has brought great ROI to all our clients.

On top of counselling, we can provide hands-on and on-site project management, change management to help your business concretise the gains in an efficient and effective way. TheConsultants way.


What stands between now and sustained future expansion is just the very first step.


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