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Pricing software
Your issues
  • Your number of products is more than excel can take
  • You have limited visibility on the different pricing given to your clients
  • Several databases( ERP, CRM,…) need to be integrated with your Pricing
  • Your pricing should change more often
  • Not enough insights & analytics
  • Urgent need to Simulate the prices impact
  • Not enough coherence in the pricing through the sales channels
  • Your ERP is too short in terms pricing strategies
  • Limited budget & time to implement your pricing software
What we in collaboration with you
  • We make managing thousands to millions of products easy
  • Provide a clear & analytics view of the price lists
  • Providing coherent pricing across sales channels
  • Integrate your CRM, ERP’s with the pricing tool
  • Enable value based & dynamic pricing
  • Track your prices from their definition until invoicing
  • Enable pricing decision making & governance
  • Get your team & system ready within 2 months
One of our pricing software & Tools success stories
Value based pricing for a Private Equity backed Specialty Chemical company
Context & Issues
  • Limited view on customer’s willigness to pay & ability to pay
  • Complex distribution network
  • Cost plus type of pricing
What we did
  • EBITDA gain double digit %
  • Value based pricing strategy implemented
  • Products features translated into value drivers
  • Streamlined commercial decision making across 9 countries
  • Implemented customer centric pricing process for monetizing innovation
  • Built Pricing capability in 9 countries
  • Change management

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Management Consulting

Unlock the value of your products and services

Management Consulting is TheConsultants’ primary service and our main venue of helping clients. We exercise function within our core expertise areas: pricing, commercial excellence, growth or lean six sigma. As management consultants we are on a mission to support your business unlocking the value of your products and services.

TheConsultants provides hands-on and on-site interim management, project management, change management services to help you materialise the expected gains in an efficient and effective way. TheConsultants way.

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Workshops & Trainings

Tailor made for your business needs

TheConsultants offers tailor made workshops, seminars and trainings according to the current needs inside your organisation. They are designed and personalized based on the specifics of your company. The workshops and trainings may be held on site (your company’s premises) or off-site in one of our fully equipped locations in Brussels (avenue Louise) or Antwerp (South & Berchem).

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Pricing Experts

Business coaching

Here at TheConsultants, some of our current and long-run clients see us as their sparring partners. This is a role that we enjoy endorsing whenever it is relevant.

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