Why Hiring an Interim Pricing Manager Is Sometimes the Better Option

Why Hiring an Interim Pricing Manager Is Sometimes the Better Option

Why Hiring an Interim Pricing Manager Is Sometimes the Better Option

Many people agree that cashflow is the lifeblood of any business and one good way to bring in quality cashflow is by pricing right.

So how do you ensure you’re squeezing out the maximum and most sustainable pricing for your products or services during a transitional phase when there’s no pricing expert on board.

Simple. Just bring in the best Interim Bid & tender manager or pricing manager


Call them sales planning and pricing managers ad interim or pricing analyst ad interim; however, you wish to refer to this post, the work of a pricing manager in an organization cannot be understated.

While many savvy company execs and owners understand this, some make the mistake of bundling up the responsibilities of this post with another similar or unrelated post to minimize cost during a transitional phase.

A better path for the business would have been to hire a pricing manager ad interim (which simply means a temporary pricing specialist).

Wondering why getting an interim pricing manager or pricing manager ad interim is a big must and not a waste of money? Read on.


An Interim Pricing Manager Keeps the Lifeblood of Your Business Flowing

Developing the best pricing strategy is what will keep you profitable in business (and also grow and extend the longevity of your company).

Even when you’re reaping in considerable sales volume but the price isn’t right, you may either find yourself struggling or not growing as you should.

So since price contributes immensely to bringing in better cash flow to your company, it makes good business sense to always have a qualified analyst on top of your pricing strategy 24/7 – even though you’re in the process of sourcing for a replacement.


An Interim Pricing Manager Provides Higher Value at Lesser Cost

What turns most business owners or management off the idea of hiring an interim expert is the misguided notion that they are way too expensive. But the reality is that this is not so.

For example, when you compare the monthly sum of an interim manager to that of a permanent or directly employed pricing exec, you’ll see that an interim cost far less.

The actual cost of a permanent staff isn’t their basic salary, unlike an interim who only gets paid his or her daily or hourly rates.

To know the true cost of a direct staff, you have to factor in additional costs such as bonus, national insurance, pension, medical, car allowance as well as other benefits.

Also, let’s not forget unplanned costs like training, HR service, sickness, etc.

You don’t get to pay all these extra costs to an interim and you still get an equal or better value because an interim knows how important referral, testimonials, and good word of mouth are to their business.


An Interim Manager Causes Less Stir among Your Staff

It’s what we are all familiar with in the business world:

Any time there’s an organizational shift, staff members tend to get nervous due to the uncertainty of new leadership, new processes, new tools, and all that.

In transitional phases, bringing in a new head can sometimes intimidate or set your people on edge affecting their performance.

But when you bring in an interim pricing expert, their temporary or fixed stay is less likely to trigger a negative reaction among your employees.

Some employees will even be more willing to pull in extra effort (to make a good impression).

Besides that, they may be more open to the strategies and suggestions of the temporary hire since they know the specialist is there to produce a positive impact for the benefit of everyone.

Additionally, some staff members would cooperate better with a temp in order to learn from their vast experience.

And should a valuable staff member have issues with your interim pricing expert, they are less likely to leave since they know the interim time is fixed.



The right pricing manager ad interim is the guardian of your EBITDA during the most critical times.

As a result, make sure to get in touch with companies that are both experts in pricing & temporary resources.

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Why Hiring an Interim Pricing Manager Is Sometimes the Better Option


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