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We are introducing you to our recent realizations in the fields of Pricing, Commercial Excellence & Business Transformation. Our clients are in a wide range sectors including automotive, chemicals, logistics, retail, machinery, services,…

Bespoke Solutions Implemented for Our Clients

Market sizing
Market sizing & Market shares for Aftermarket / Aftersales

Context & Issues

  • Need from our client to know how many competitors & alternatives exist in the market. Need to identify the next best alternatives. Will to expend further activities in target countries. Need to Refine & strengthen the 5 years plan

What we did

  • Market Sizing, Identification of competitors per product lines, Analysis of market shares, Growth potential estimates, 4 angles approach used, quantitative & qualitative analysis.
Digital Transformation
Digital transformation by Implementation of a cutting edge pricing software for a major automotive company
Context & Issues
  • Obsolete pricing tool
  • Long lead time to generate & calculate price lists
  • Missing tool to simulate & analyze price changes
  • No clear pricing processes
  • Missing global pricing overview
What we did
  • Successful Pricing software implementation & integration with ERP
  • Mapping & digitalization of pricing activities
  • Users Training from analyst to senior management
  • Configuration of the the pricing strategies
Moving from Cost+ to a customer centric Value based pricing model for a major automotive company
Context & Issues
  • Pressure on Margins
  • Decreasing customer loyalty
  • Need for capability in pricing
  • Obsolete pricing tool
  • +1M product reference
What we did
  • Successful targeted price increases without volume loss
  • Significant margin improvement
  • Accompany the strategy definition
  • Co-create the pricing capability
  • Curate & train pricing analysts
  • Implement & configure pricing software
  • Co-define the commercial governance
  • Pricing process engineering
Enabling EBITDA improvements with Governance & value based pricing for a Private Equity backed Specialty Chemical company

Context & Issues

  • Limited view on customer’s willingness to pay & ability to pay
  • Complex distribution network
  • Cost plus type of pricing
What we did
  • EBITDA gain double digit %
  • Value based pricing strategy implemented
  • Products features translated into value drivers
  • Streamlined commercial decision making across 9 countries
  • Implemented customer centric pricing process for monetizing innovation
  • Built Pricing capability in 9 countries
  • Change management
Next generation commercial strategy Best Practices for a Maritime company
Context & Issues 
  • Very competitive sub industry sector
  • Legacy of very expensive assets
  • Static prices and legacy deals
  • Fluctuating profitability month to month
What we did
  • Revenue management tool development
  • Yield & profit optimization
  • Bonus incentive developments for agents
Product portfolio integration & pricing re-positioning for a large Chemical group
Context & Issues
  • Post-acquisition
  • Complexity generated by two different product management approaches brought together
  • Selection and products segmentation needed

What we did

  • Price to market re-positioning
  • Product portfolio integration  
  • Product Life Cycle strategy & analysis
Value proposition & bundle design for Services company evolving in a highly competitive segment

Context & Issues

  • Service Commoditization
  • Ramping problems of ability to pay from the customers
  • Little info about the willingness to pay from their customers 
What we did
  • Design of the value proposition
  • Creation of an easy to use pricing tool
  • Value based pricing implementation
  • Project ROI within 1 month after implementation
Strategy definition & value based pricing for an Automotive company

Context & Issues

  • Disrupted industry, Market pressure, Increasing regulations
  • Cost plus type pricing
  • Close to 1 million products on the catalogue
  • Combination of Transactional & Deal based  business
  • Mix of innovative & commoditized products & services
What we did
  • Market intel eco system design
  • Process lead time reduction
  • Value based pricing strategy implementation
  • Predictive pricing modelling design
  • Value Proposition enhanced
Products bundling & market segmentation for a SaaS IT Scale up
Context & Issues
  • Investors keen to have a positive cash flow within the year
  • Complex discounts
  • As Is Product offer difficult to understand
  • Value perception not obvious for existing customers
What we did
  • Product bundling & tailored made products spin off
  • Customer’s segmentation
  • Value based pricing design
  • Discount simplification
  • Price increases planning & calibration
Industries of expertise Private Equity EBITDA Boost Performance Improvement

Private Equity

For clients in the Private Equity sector, TheConsultants provided services related to:

Pricing, Business Transformation, Commercial Excellence

EBITDA Improvement

Company’s Portfolio  Diagnosis

Program Management

Business Transformation

Alignment Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Pricing

Expertise areas Automotive Aftermarket Parts pricing Strategy tactics Discounts


For clients in the Automotive industry, TheConsultants provided services related to:

Pricing and Digitalisation

Pricing, Commercial Excellence, Software

Pricing Optimization

Sales Channel Optimization

Software Implementation

Business Process Design

Industries of expertise Logistics Supply Chain Pricing Value added service Tranfsormation


For clients in the Logistics area, TheConsultants provided services related to:

Net Margin and Tenders/Bids

Pricing, Commercial Excellence, Software

Value Proposition

Bid and Tender Analyse

Value Based Services Development

Software Implementation

Maritime – Trucking – Airfreight

Industries of expertise Value Proposition Services & Products


For clients active in the Services Industry, TheConsultants provided services related to:

Value Proposition

Pricing, Commercial  Excellence, Software

Value Proposition

HR and Recruitment Firms

Alternative Fees Agreements For Law Firms

Financial Services

Design Thinking & Pricing: Specialty Chemicals challenges & opportunities


For clients active in the Chemicals Industry, TheConsultants provided services related to:

Product portfolio management

Design thinking product development

Post integration product management

Pricing strategy

Value based pricing

Governance improvement

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