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Pricing in-house Expert for your Temporary Needs

Using an In-house Pricing Expert for your Short-term Needs

We have some of the best in house pricing experts in the market, and they seamlessly use their management experience when consulting companies. It’s like having the best of both worlds as they offer solutions that alleviate your short-term needs. Using an In-house Pricing Expert for your Short-term Needs

One thing most companies need to understand is that there’s a sciences &  art  to pricing. 

Pricing is vital to understand the value a customer should pay for a service or product.

As you would expect, pricing is the focal point that connects crucial areas like operations, finance, sales, and marketing. The job of an interim pricing manager is not only to understand this but also to integrate every aspect seamlessly. The ability of the interim pricing manager will determine the success of the entire program.

The first thing that’ll catch the attention of a customer or client when buying a product or service is the price. Due to how important this is, everything about definition of services or products should be left to certified professionals. Giving this to amateurs or setting the wrong price could prove costly to any business in the long run.

How This Is Done

Our in-house pricing experts assume the management position in your company for a specified period – we’ll call it interim management 2.0.

Most organizations,  medium  or large  corporations, experience several internal or external changes. Irrespective of these happenings, the business must continue and, if possible, thrive.

At The Consultants bvba, we offer a unique selection of inhouse pricing interim managers that are well rounded in their fields.

Setting an appropriate price is a significant determinant of profit. You don’t have to worry about your company’s current position – whether it is a startup, or in the process of expansion – we’re well suited to deliver as promised.

There are particular instances where your business may need short-term executive resources or an in-house pricing manager – look no further as we’re poised to deliver. When this need is not addressed, the company may face several attendant risks.

Our Approach

The beauty of the services we offer at The Consultants is that our interim pricing management enters and effortlessly collaborates with the team on the ground. We do this with little or no time for onboarding. In a timeframe of 3 days, we’ve been able to join a company without any issues. 

We can come in for short term assignments that span between 1 to 3 months. On the other hand, long term assignment can go for a year plus. This also includes project staffing, and transition periods.

When it comes to industries, we have history in chemicals, logistics, automotive, maritime, private equity, financial services, oil, gas, and supply chains. We cover both B2C and B2B markets.

We tailored our approach by adapting our business skills to the various cultures that surround us. Besides, we collaborate with regions like Sub Saharan Africa, India, Middle East, Western Europe, America, and India. For this reason, our staff is fluent in three languages, such as English, Dutch, and French.

For instance, in a situation where your company needs experienced staff to create valid pricing and improve sales and margin reporting – we’re at your service. If you need short term senior staff like interim VP pricing, pricing director ad interim, interim pricing manager, or interim senior pricing analyst, we’ve got you covered.


Some noteworthy senior positions we’ve held are the ad interim pricing director at a chemical company, senior pricing manager at a private equity-owned company. We aren’t just pricing experts alone, we’re also lean & six sigma black belts.

In the case of large management companies, they offer high-level strategic plans. In most cases, they provide clear targets and detailed strategies, but the staff on ground have been assigned to specific functions.

If that’s not the case, the staff may not have the capacity to implement or execute the laid out plan. In situations like this, we have experience in working with large consultancy companies like these. We carry out all necessary work streams  like executing strategies on operational and tactical levels.

We favor a hands-on approach, and we provide service to  our clients every step of the way as we achieve the deliverables. The interim management team can work offsite, onsite, or abroad as we work on a needs basis.

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Using an In-house Pricing Expert for your Short-term Needs

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